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Interior Design

Does this sound familiar?

  • You need help in designing your rooms.
  • You long for more style and coziness in your home.
  • Your life has changed and now it’s time for your home to change as well.
  • You’re successful and busy. So, you’ve got no time to run around in furniture stores.
  • You and your partner can’t agree on a common style.
  • You plan to move house and don’t know what to keep and what to leave behind.

I fully understand you.

As a certified interior designer and as a color consultant I help you on the way to a home you love.

Be amazed how much energy you can draw from your own four walls.

Your home is special. However you want to design it, my goal is to make you feel happy, secure and inspired. That’s what I’m here for. 

Interior design services

Full-Service Package

The all-rounder. Fall in love with where your life unfolds.

Power Design Package

Contempory interior design styled for your life. Let my ideas inspire you.


Fall in love with your home with the right colors. I show you what’s best.

Full - Service Package

Interior Design at it's best

  • You’ve lived in your home for a while and long for something fresh.

  • You and your partner can’t agree on a common style.

  • You plan to move house.

  • You’re successful and busy. So, you don’t want to spend your precious time in furniture stores.

Get a home you are passionate about. Give your style space.

From our first meeting to the completed design project, I’I will be with you every step of the way – with exciting new ideas,
a broad palette of experience and my extensive network of contacts with manufacturers and talented artisans.

Interior DesignFull-Service Package

Four simple steps to create your dream home:

1. Let’s talk – A beautiful home begins with an exploratory meeting.

What are your needs and wishes for your home? What is not quite right, what is missing? Is it the colors?
Do you long for more comfort? Or a specific piece of furniture? Or do you just feel that you could get so
much more out of your home? Whether your project is large or small, you can tell me what you envisage.
The road forward begins with a coming together of minds.

2. Your project comes to life – with ideas and moods..

Images, sketches and materials will help you see, feel and understand how everything should be: a unique
look, tailor-made to you and your rooms. You would like to know what a stylish living or working space
might cost? I’ll be happy to give you an individual estimate.

3. Sophisticated design makes the way forward simpler.

A carefully considered plan reduces uncertainties and saves time and money. Within the scope of your
budget youI’ll receive proposals for materials, items of furniture, textiles and lighting. So that you can
visualize everything, we’ll discuss all details, using floor plans and elevations of your rooms.

4. Your style gets space.

We’ll implement everything we’ve planned. Whatever your project involves – lighting, colours, textiles, furniture, accessories or art: I only work with manufacturers and artisans who understand their trade. It
couldn’t be easier!

Get the advice of a professional and take the right actions for your dream home

Holen Sie sich professionelle Beratung an Ihre Seite: von A bis Z.

Competent support makes your decisions easier and your dream home will soon be reality.

I‘ll be happy to give you an individual estimate.

Furnishings and Design

Interior Design – Power Package

Interior Design:Power Package

  • You finally can’t stand the red wall painted 15 years ago.
  • You love your home, but you’ve the feeling something is missing.
  • You miss the coziness in your home as soon as it gets dark outside.
  • You’re simply overwhelmed by the large choice of styles and products.
  • You are not sure what color or pieces of furniture fit your rooms.

Let my ideas inspire your design – and bring joy to your home.

Small details can often make a massive difference. A wall freshly painted in your favorite color, a spotlight on individual
items of furniture. My trained eye identifies the solutions that will give your home a new fresh look.

Create a new look for your home in three simple steps:

1. Let’s talk – What support do you need?

What do you need?
What rooms need a mood makeover? What are your needs and your wishes? What do you want to keep and
what would you like to change? Share your vision with me.

2. Get new impetus – and design ideas that work.

Achieve the desired effect at a reasonable effort – that’s what the proposals are all about.

3. Find out how to translate the ideas into practice – and get started.

We can discuss the proposals in person at your home or online. So you’ll know exactly what you need to realize
your project – and give your room that new fresh look. You can, of course, also book me to realize the ideas.

Gönnen Sie Ihrem Wohnraum einen frischen Look.Staunen Sie, wieviel Energie Sie auf einmal aus Ihren vier Wänden schöpfen.

Was immer Ihren Raum charakterisiert, wie immer sie ihn umgestalten möchten: Mein Ziel ist, dass Sie sich in Ihrem Zuhause glücklich, geborgen und inspiriert fühlen. Dafür bin ich für Sie da. 

  • Sehnen Sie sich nach mehr Gemütlichkeit, Stil oder Atmosphäre?
  • Möchten Sie ihr Zuhause komplett umstylen
  • Wollten Sie schon lange einen einzelnen Raum auffrischen?
  • Planen Sie umzuziehen?
  • Wünschen Sie professionelle Unterstützung bei konkreten Einrichtungsfragen?

Upgrade your home with new style ideas.

With expertise and passion for beautiful spaces, I will allow me to give you tailor-made interior tips that you can easily put into practice.

10 hours professional insight Investment: CHF 1,490

Color Design

Interior Design Color Consultation


  • You know exactly which colours make your home shine.

  • You know the right hue of white for your rooms.

  • Your previously dark entrance hall is bright and looks bigger than before.

  • Your rooms have a beautiful atmosphere thanks to the right colour tones.

  • You and your loved ones feel inspired, comfortable and secure in your home.

Make the right decisions.

Colours are so much more than just hues. They create atmosphere, make us feel good and even make rooms seem bigger.

How does the color consultation work?

Together we look at 3 – 4 of your rooms. Either at your home or online. You tell me your wishes. In the end, you’ll receive your very own individual colour concept. If you like, I can order colour samples and organize an experienced painter.

Interior DesignColor Consultation

Fall in love in your own home.

I’ll be happy to share my expertise and experience.

Color Consultation Investment CHF 790

Your advantages working with a professional interior designer

Save your time, your money and your nerves – rely on an experienced sparring partner. Feel completely comfortable – through professional advice.


Interior design Project Lachen

Interior design ideas that will WOW you.

Thank you so much, Doris, for your brilliant ideas. Thanks to your professional advice and perfectly tailored proposals, my new apartment was decorated and furnished in no time at all. This saved me nerves and an enormous amount of time and stress. I would book you again like a shot.

– Pranvera D.


Interior Design Projekt in Lachen

Wohnideen mit Wow-Faktor durch professionellen Rat.

Herzlichen Dank Doris für die tollen Ideen, die du eingebracht hast. Durch deinen professionellen Rat und genau passenden Vorschlägen war meine neue Wohnung im Nu eingerichtet. So habe ich Nerven und enorm viel Zeit gespart. Ich würde dich sofort wieder buchen.

– Pranavera D.

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