Hi, I'm Doris Mack.

I want your home to be filled with joy

As an interior designer I create spaces that make you happy.


Bring a new sparkle to your life. Live the way you want to. I create spaces for your personality.

Feel creativity and joy blossom in your home. I design spaces that mirror your personality. I’m here to help you createrooms you feel at ease. Because your home should radiate joy and give you strength – not drain your energy:

  • You want to take your space to the next level.
  • You just want someone to tell you what works for your home.
  • You need interior design direction and clarity.
  • You’re looking for someone who just “gets” your style.
  • You definitely want to avoid bad purchases and buy the right furniture.

I can help you with that. As an experienced interior designer, I have answers and solutions to all your questions.

How I became an interior designer

After graduating with a degree in business studies I worked in marketing for various international companies. I had tomove around a lot and learned for myself how important a harmonious home is.

I have always loved decorating and furnishing. My flair for interior design meant that several times when I moved on,tenants coming in after me were happy to keep my furniture. Friends often asked me for advice. But at the end of the day it was the compliments I got for completely renovating our 80’s house that convinced me to make my passion myprofession.

As a certified interior designer and as a color consultant I help you on the way to a joyful home.



Welcome to our new home.

In our home the furniture, curtains and carpets work together in perfect harmony. The colors and lighting you proposedcreate a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You have managed to create wonderful solutions that bring together our differenttastes. We cannot highly recommend MACK interior design warmly enough.

Isabelle and René E., Zurich Region


Interior Design Projekt in Wollerau

Willkommen in unserem neuen Zuhause.

In unserem Haus harmonieren Möbel, Vorhänge und Teppiche perfekt. Auch durch die Farben und passenden Leuchten ist es dir gelungen, eine warme Atmosphäre zu schaffen. Du hast es geschafft, wunderbare Lösungen für unsere unterschiedlichen Ansichten zu realisieren. Wir können MACK interior design nur empfehlen.

– Isabelle und René E.

How can I support you as an interior designer?

Bring more beauty to your home and lift your spirits.

A harmonious home impacts directly on your wellbeing. Find happiness in beautiful surroundings and lift your spirits!

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